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Fanuc Fan A90L-0001-0423 #105S

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This FANUC A90L-0001-0423 #105S will fit on your FANUC Alpha Series Modules such as FANUC Alpha Power Supply Module, FANUC Alpha Servo Amplifier Module and FANUC Alpha Spindle Amplifier Module. This Fan is Sold With FANUC Connector.

In many cases the addition of fins adds to the total surface area making a heatsink that makes for greater efficiency in cooling. This Fanuc motor will prevent you from Fanuc Alarm 01 message on your Servo A90L-0001-0423

Technical Description for Fanuc Sensor Cooling Fan with stopped rotation alarm signal

Voltage = 24V DC
Current = 0.12 A
Power = 2.99 W
Airflow =18.36 CFM
Noise = 44 dBA
Size = 60x60x15 mm
Speed = 6800 RPM
Type = Sensor
Connections = 3 wire